School of Indigenous Studies

Joseph Bin Omar

  School of Indigenous Studies student Lilly   

I did all my primary and high school education in Broome. Growing up in the Kimberley was a blessing and the opportunity to learn and further my education was a privilege given my background and socio-economic status. Neither of my parents attended university, my Dad didn’t even make it past year 7 so to put my hand up and say I wanted a tertiary education was a big deal for me personally.

I began university in 2013 straight after Year 12.  I didn’t feel I needed a gap year as I was so open into wanting to experience more and just absorb so much knowledge! I first started at UWA thinking I wanted to become a lawyer; I enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law and Society & Psychology, thinking I’d pursue this path. However after my first semester I found a bigger passion and drive in the areas of health science and I really wanted to push for this in myself, so I transferred degrees and went into a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health). That was nearly 4 years ago, I completed that undergraduate degree and decided to take up further studies in a Masters of Public Health, which I am currently doing, and really enjoying.

I have met so many great people along the way in my undergraduate studies, heard so many personal stories that are inspiring and shared some incredible memories with some incredible people. As an Indigenous person coming from a small town to moving to the city it was never really easy and still isn’t. however,  I believe the difficult times and moments I experience now will pay off and be worthwhile in the future for not only myself, but for the wider Aboriginal community.

My degree not only taught me about the heath sciences it also helped me fulfill my traits in communication, understanding, critical thinking, respect, integrity and so much more to build the character I am today. I am continuously learning and thoroughly enjoying the opportunities that I have made along with coming to find who I am as an individual on this planet. University has opened up many great things for me and I am very happy and proud to have been able to say I am the first in my family to complete a degree.