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The Major in Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage is offered within the Bachelor of Arts program and units from the major are also available to any student enrolled in undergraduate course at UWA.

The major will allow students to explore the worldview and historical experiences of Indigenous peoples in Australia as well as critically analyse Western disciplinary constructs around Indigenous knowledge and peoples. Key questions raised in the course include: How do Indigenous people view the world? How does Indigenous knowledge inform the world around us?

Offered by the School of Indigenous Studies, the central principle in teaching the major in Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage is to provide a space for students to be able to engage and interact with a variety of Aboriginal voices. In completing the major, students will:

  • engage with Indigenous people, Elders in the community and guest speakers
  • participate in a range of experiential activities, intensive sessions and field trips
  • have opportunities to explore a range of source material, including community and family histories, literature, art, poetry, music and film
  • critically engage with the issues covered, across a number of disciplines, and connect to contemporary Australian social issues.

Indigenous knowledge is applicable to all fields and disciplines because it allows students to experience different ways of knowing and understanding the world. The broad skills base and adaptable approach of graduates from this major are valuable in areas such as legal and human rights organisations, government departments, business and industry, education, trade and tourism, health and the environment and native title and cultural heritage.

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