School of Indigenous Studies

Kiarna Brown


UWA Medical Graduate Kiarna Brown

The hours can be long, sometimes breaks are non-existent, I’m often forced to make important decisions quickly, but most of time, I leave work with a big smile on my face because there are plenty of rewards and I still love my job!

My name is Kiarna Brown. I grew up in Darwin and am a descendent of the Yadhiagana people of Cape York. My first ever visit to Perth was in the summer of 2000 after I was invited to participate in the Aboriginal Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry Program at UWA. I was 2 years out of high school and studying in Melbourne. And although I didn’t know much about anything at that stage in my life, I knew I had a passion for people and health.

I was successful in getting into Medicine and although it was a long, hard slog, I found the Medical course at UWA very enjoyable. I gained great support from the School of Indigenous Studies. The staff and students I met there certainly made life much easier and became my new family. Those were great times that I will always cherish. I honestly believe I may not have achieved as much as I did, had I not had the support from the SIS and the Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health.

I completed my degree at the end of 2005. I’ll never forget the feeling of relief and sheer joy I felt when I learned I had passed. It was a really exciting time in my life. I moved to Townsville at the beginning of 2006 where I started my new life as a Doctor.

I have remained in Queensland since then and I began my specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology a few years ago. Once again I find myself studying for exams, but my work is very enjoyable. I get to share in families welcoming new babies into their world, I get to perform great surgery and I’m still learning everyday.

Medicine is a great career and the SIS at UWA is a really great place to start if you’re considering a medical career. Don’t worry if you didn’t pass Year 12 or get the grades you need, there are other pathways and plenty of people who are willing to support you. All you have to do is believe in yourself!