School of Indigenous Studies

Danille Bracknell


UWA Law Graduate Danille Bracknell

I finished high school in Albany (WA) and moved to Perth to do the Pre-Law course offered through UWA's School of Indigenous Studies.

When I started I wasn't sure if I wanted to enrol in social work or law but after finishing the Pre-Law course I knew law was the direction I wanted to take. I liked that a law degree provides you with the knowledge and education to create change in any area of law you want to practice, and that you can assist people who are disadvantaged or vulnerable in a practical and effective way.

I really enjoyed the challenges that a law degree involves but I was surprised by how fast the years at university flew by. It was also great meeting other students through the School of Indigenous Studies and hearing encouragement and tips along the way. The staff at the School of Indigenous Studies and other students provided fantastic support during my studies as it was my first time living away from home and away from my family.

While I was studying I got a cadetship with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs which involved working fulltime in the university holidays. When I finished my studies I worked as a Judge's Associate in the District Court and from there I moved to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission where I am currently working in the Indigenous Outreach Program.

I would really encourage any potential students to speak with the staff at the School of Indigenous Studies about the different options that are available, because that is what lead me to enrol in a law degree which was a great decision. I would recommend a law degree to any students who are driven and want to effect change, it is a degree that opens a lot of doors after university and leads to a huge variety of jobs from representing some one in court to working in policy to shape future laws.