School of Indigenous Studies

Caitlin Smith


UWA Graduate 


After completing the Aboriginal Orientation Course, I initially enrolled in a Bachelor of Science  (Land and Water Management) because I love the land so much and love being outdoors. Unfortunately I didn’t like Biology, in fact I hated it, so I explored other options for a major to study.

One of the core units for first year was a Geology unit and by the end of the three-day fieldtrip I was absolutely in love with geology. I loved everything about it, being outside, studying the rocks and trying to figure out how they came to be. It always fascinated me that something as hard as a rock could be bent and twisted like play-doh. I had found my calling and it turned out to be rocks. Who knew? Certainly not me, but I love geology and can’t think of any other field of study that I would have preferred to spend studying for four years. 

Having graduated in March 2014, I am now in my first year of the Rio Tinto Graduate Program working at Yandicoogina as a mine geologist.