School of Indigenous Studies

Sasha Casey


UWA Health Science Graduate Sasha Casey

Hi my name is Sasha Casey and I am Karajarri and Yawuru woman from the West Kimberley and I grew up between Broome and Perth. I always knew that I wanted to help Aboriginal people, but wasn’t really sure how. I first met the great staff at the School of Indigenous Studies (SIS) when I attended the Health Careers Camp in year 10. It was during this camp that I realised that I was interested in health and that’s how I could make a difference.

I completed my TEE in Perth but unfortunately didn’t get the results needed to get direct entry into UWA. I was contacted by SIS and informed that I was eligible to complete the Aboriginal Orientation Course. The Orientation course really prepared me for entry into a science course at UWA and provided me with the skills, knowledge and support to enrol in a Bachelor of Health Science. During my studies, I had a cadetship with the Drug and Alcohol Office (DAO). The cadetship program really developed my practical skills and allowed me to apply what I was learning at university in a real life setting.  

The Bachelor of Health Science was very flexible and provided me with so many different opportunities. I majored in Public Health and Psychology. Having the opportunity to complete two majors under the one banner was really helpful, as I was able to follow both of my interests. This degree has provided me with lots of skills that are really transferable in the workplace and has opened a lot of doors for me. I would highly recommend Health Science to anybody who is interested in public health and science.

I am currently employed by Drug and Alcohol Office and am working on a project that is developing the capacity of professionals and supporting the community to take action regarding alcohol and drug prevention and early intervention.