School of Indigenous Studies

Lance D'Antoine


UWA Engineering Graduate Lance D'Antoine 


Hi, my name is Lance D’Antoine and I graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2003 with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.

I am originally from Darwin in the NT, but moved down to Perth to pursue my studies and gain independence by leaving home.  Maths and science have always interested me throughout my schooling days and they are the basic building blocks of describing and understanding the world around us. I enjoy asking questions and problem solving and both these branches of learning enable you to do this in a logical way.

After finishing year 12 and speaking to a career guidance counsellor, the next step for me was to choose a direction that incorporated both these disciplines. Engineering was the perfect choice and I chose the Electrical stream due to my fascination with electronics when growing up.

Obtaining my degree has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Leaving behind family and friends, working while studying to support myself, juggling heavy study workloads with a social life, tutorials assignments and exams all add up to a hectic but exciting lifestyle. There have been times when I felt like chucking it all in, but you can’t give up and there are fantastic people at the School of Indigenous Studies (SIS) for help and support.

I worked overseas in the UK for 2 years from 2006 to 2008. The degree I obtained from UWA is well respected within the industry not only in Australia but also overseas. It provides you with the perfect platform to continue your growth in a professional environment and the opportunity to apply your craft internationally. I set up my own company and contracted myself out as an engineer and was working on the tertiary treatment upgrades on a Waste Water Facility one hour south of London. Working amongst fellow professionals on a tight deadline on complex projects gives you a real buzz. Also knowing that what you’re doing is helping out the environment is quite satisfying. So not only are the job prospects for engineering excellent and well paid, they also give you the opportunity to travel and work overseas but also to contribute back to the community in a positive way.

I am currently working as the Operations Manager for Globe Hill, a small 100% owned Indigenous Mining Company. My role involves doing all the day to day planning and scheduling of projects, mobilising plant and equipment to site, financial reporting, contracts and HR. Five years working as a Project Engineer spanning a variety of roles has allowed me to change directions and focus on Project Management. When you leave university the learning really begins and the practical experience you gain is invaluable.

To anybody who chooses to study engineering at UWA, I wish you the best of luck. Its hard work but you couldn’t be surrounded by better people at Shenton House (SIS) and UWA to help you across the finish line.