School of Indigenous Studies

Jodi Eatt


UWA Medical Graduate Jodi Eatt 

I graduated from Medicine at UWA in 2001. I had never considered Medicine as a career before the School for Indigenous Studies visited my high school in Year 12 and told me that I could. I was granted provisional entry into the course and I have never looked back.

Medicine is a long degree, it requires commitment as a student but it is well worth it! It’s not all hard work though. I was very well supported by the Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health (CAMDH) and being a medical student came with incredible opportunities for learning, traveling, socializing and academic achievement. The highlights of my time as a student were my Obstetrics term at KEMH, and an elective in my final year where I spent six weeks working in Alice Spring and nearby Aputula community.

I have worked at Fremantle Hospital and St John of God Hospital at Murdoch as an intern. I have taken time away from clinical work to raise my children, and I am pleased to say it is possible to do both! I have also had great opportunities to work in the academic side of medicine at CAMDH and I have met some inspirational mentors who have helped me through my entire journey of becoming a doctor.

If you are considering a career in Medicine, my advice to you would be to go for it. The challenges are many, and the satisfaction is great.  Best of luck.