School of Indigenous Studies

Renae Isaacs


UWA Graduate Renae Isaacs

I graduated from the University Of Western Australia majoring in Anthropology – Bachelor of Arts in 1998. I am descendant from the Yarawu and Karajarri peoples on my mother’s side – Broome WA and the Noongar – Bibulmun people from the South West on my father’s side.

I studied Anthropology because I was very interested in learning about different cultures of the world. I also had a keen interest in learning a language. In my degree I had the opportunity to study Indigenous Australia, Asian Cultures and to learn Bahasa Indonesian language.

Today my degree has helped me in my career as a Cabin Crew Member. I have a greater understanding of dealing with different cultural groups. I have also made others aware at work in how to deal with Indigenous and Asian passengers. Speaking Bahasa Indonesian has helped me greatly when conversing to our Indonesian passengers when flying to Denpasar.

Through determination and hard work I achieved my degree. My degree has allowed me to appreciate and accept people from all walks of life and enable me to develop career goals as a Cabin Crew Member. I am currently the Cabin Crew Training Manager at Skywest Airlines in Perth.

I look forward to seeing you one day on a flight!