School of Indigenous Studies

Jennell Sorensen


Arts Graduate Jennell Sorensen

I came straight to UWA after completing year 12 in a Perth high school. I always enjoyed History and English in school but when I first came to UWA I actually commenced a Bachelor of Science. It wasn’t long before I realised science was simply not a good ‘fit’ for me, so I transferred to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and never looked back.

I undertook two majors; one in History and one in English, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. With such a diverse selection of units available within the English and History majors, I had the opportunity to study topics that really interested me. For example, in the English major, I undertook units in Creative Writing, Romanticism and Film. Whilst in History I studied the world, from Aboriginal History to American and European History and even the History of Media and Communication. I was also fortunate enough to undertake several subjects in mathematics within my BA. This combination of maths and humanities allowed me to use both sides of my brain enabling me to further develop analytical thinking as well as providing me a reprieve from the many essays!

After I completed my BA, I started working at UWA and now work full-time in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. In 2009, I decided that I wanted to undertake further study and turned my eye to Law. I undertook the Pre-Law Course and honestly found it to be the best thing I could have done. Not only did it give me a taste of law and a better understanding of what was involved in the study of law, but it also provided me with invaluable preparation and lasting friendships to help me get through the course. I completed the pre-law course over the summer of 2009 and subsequently enrolled in graduate-entry law.

There have been times in both degrees where I have been overwhelmed and doubted myself, but the support from the School of Indigenous Studies and the life-long friendships forged whilst studying here have been amazing. From providing academic support, such as tutoring, to providing emotional support and reinforcing the belief that you can make it, either way, the School has always been there to help. Law is a demanding course and because I work full-time, I can only study a few units a year, which means it will be a long path to graduation - but one that I think will be well worth it!