School of Indigenous Studies

Lianne Goodwin

  School of Indigenous Studies student Lilly   

I really loved high school, minus the actual studying parts, and when I finally finished year 12 (with grades that can only be described as atrocious) I believed there was no way I would ever be accepted into a university.

After high school I embarked on a series of dead-end jobs with long periods of glorious unemployment where money was elusive and I excelled in the art of sleeping. Eventually deciding enough was enough, my aunty brought me to Shenton House and the School of Indigenous Studies (SIS) in order to enrol in the Aboriginal Orientation Course.

Completing the Orientation course was one of the best experiences I’ve had with my education. The staff at SIS was so wonderfully encouraging, and with that encouragement I was able to get excellent marks for the first time in my life, realised I actually was good at studying, and went on to mainstream university study. The staff at SIS continued to support me all the way through my degree, providing tutors, advice and much appreciated ego boosts when I did well.

Late last year I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English and Mediaeval Studies. During my final year, I was also able to complete a year of study on exchange at the University of Michigan USA, which was wonderful and yet another endeavour encouraged and partially financed by the School of Indigenous Studies.

My degree has now allowed me to get a research position within the University and I’m very happy with where my study has led me. I hope to one day complete a Master of Arts in Creative Writing.