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Acacia Milroy


UWA Engineering Graduate Acacia Milroy

Until I started at UWA I had no idea what an engineer really does. I just chose the Science/Engineering course because I liked maths and science and knowing how things work. Now I look back and realise it has been one of the best decisions I've made.

Mechanical Engineering is a very broad major and I really enjoyed the variety at UWA. You can study everything from thermodynamics to sustainable development. I also enjoyed the hands-on components and practical nature of the degree.

Physics complements engineering well as you learn about high tech science and engineering and get to play with liquid nitrogen and supermagnets.

Since graduating in 2004, I have worked as a control systems engineer.  I design and install large controllers to help clients optimise their industrial processes and improve efficiency. I have worked on many different processes (oil and gas, mining metals and minerals) and for many different clients. It is rewarding working on projects from start to finish and seeing something you have designed and made being used by people in a positive way. 

Engineering is a global job and it offers great opportunities if you like to travel. I have worked in Australia, Brazil, China, USA and I am now living and working in London.

Engineering is a challenging and rewarding career which I definitely recommend.