School of Indigenous Studies

Leah Pitt


UWA Graduate Leah Pitt

I commenced the Bachelor of Arts at UWA after successfully completing the Aboriginal Orientation Course. I did not know what I wanted to study and made the most of my first year at university undertaking a variety of units in an effort to figure out my interests.

By the second year I knew without a doubt that I would double major in Political Science and International Relations and Anthropology. Although these two courses appear rather unrelated, I found the contrary. Within the Anthropology discipline, sociology units can be taken which gives an interesting insight into the society in which we live and my keen interest in global governance and contemporary political issues was further developed by my major in International relations. In essence, I was intrigued by how global governance and global citizenship can be utilized to shape domestic policy issues.

My degree has afforded me many opportunities such as the participation in a number of forums. I am an invited member of the Australian American Youth Leadership Dialogue and I was a youth delegate at The United Nations 9th session Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues in New York in 2010. In 2011 I accepted a graduate position with a high profile Commonwealth Department and have been successful in the advancement process. My new policy adviser role draws upon my academic credentials in, and passion for, International relations and conventions. I would highly recommend both majors to individuals whose interest lie in social justice, human rights or just have an interest in wider societal problems and international affairs.